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Production Dates 2023/2024

A Story of Tragedy and Loss

In a heated moment of chaos Amaia's young life was taken by an unintentional bullet in her Lansing, Michigan home.


The entire community, and beyond, stood still as the tragic news and her story spread.


It rocked people to their core because they could see their young loved ones in every one of her photos.


A Story of Love and Kindness

Amaia Edmond was a lively and charismatic seven-year-old who genuinely loved life.


She had a smile that would brighten your day and give you comfort when you were feeling down.


"Daddy, what do I have to do to go to Heaven?" was just a small example of how in tune she was with God and His presence in her life.


Any person who came in contact with Amaia was subject to receive the biggest hug and warmest welcome...ever!

Appointed Productions has the honor and privilege of producing a feature film about seven-year-old Amaia and the legacy she created in a very brief time.


Filmed in Lansing, Michigan, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Producers Charles W. Bush and Sheran Goodspeed Keyton will work to not only encapsulate the life and memory of Amaia, but also raise awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donation.


Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

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A Story of Resilience and Hope

In a moment when her father, John Edmond, could have been filled with rage, aggression, and the unrelenting desire for revenge, his heart was filled with God's love.


He had the wherewithal to allow her organs to be donated and, in turn, save the lives of others. The saw to it that others were saved and Amaia's story would live on.

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